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    Radious Economy and Research Mod


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    Radious Economy and Research Mod  Empty Radious Economy and Research Mod

    Сообщение автор Аспург в 2013-10-28, 00:38

    Radious Economy and Research Mod
    Radious Economy and Research Mod  2vlqp7d

    Мод, правящий экономику - штрафы, бонусы от построек и технологий (исследований). Работает с патчем 1.5 (патч №5). Совместим с другими модами Radious
    изменения (англ):
    Hello everyone. Time to release some another very demanded and required modification. This time i managed to look on buidlings and their effects. Game has about 500 buildings (many are same) due to each culture has own building tree and those are always divided even more to minor and major cities aswell. So you can imagine tons and tons of lines of same or very common things.

    Updated - 25.10.2013


    Food consumtion slightly reduced - some higher tier buildings (level 3 and 4) asked in my opinion for way too much food, this is changed in about 20-30%.
    Squalor effects slightly reduced - some higher tier buildings (level 3 and 4) reduced public order way too much, this is changed in about 20-30%.
    Income from all buildings increased - every building now provides bit more income, about 25% more.
    Taxes changes - Higher taxes gives slightly less penalty for population grow but slightly more squalor, lower taxes gives small bonus to town population grow
    Technology changes:
    Middle + End techs time for research lowered by 25%
    All bonuses to melee skill lowered by 30%
    All bonuses to defence skill increased by 20%
    Smith bonuses changed - melee damage bonus slightly reduced on level 2 and 3
    Buildings costs changed - few structires cost bit less, few bit more
    Structures with research bonuses slightly improved their effectivity.
    New Exp bonuses added
    Food system reworked - Major and Minor city builings require less food, temples and few others slightly more food. This helps AI to not starve so often.
    Cohort Organisation technology research time increased.

    All these changes dont help just player, but AI aswell, cause i noticed that AI often suffered by no food and their armies already small enough were dying very quickly.
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    Radious Economy and Research Mod  EiYkm
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