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    Toon's All In One Mod Rome 2


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    Toon's All In One Mod Rome 2 Empty Toon's All In One Mod Rome 2

    Сообщение автор Livius в 2013-09-18, 04:52

    Toons Rome 2 All In One Mod
    Toon's All In One Mod Rome 2 8zeerc

    вошедшие мини-моды:
    Lutniks -Close Combat mod 1.0
    ToonTotalWar - added my own files to impove the morale in battles and reduced kill ratio and distance of javelins and slingers, thanks to Radious for inspiration on this.
    crackerjack1348 - Halved melee attack
    Mech_Donald - Special Effects Enhancement Mod Version 1.2
    .Mitch. / ToonTotalWar - Uniform Recolour Mod - adding my own colours to units as well
    Splenyi' - Better Campaign Camera
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