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    104 фракции открыты в кампании


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    104 фракции открыты в кампании Empty 104 фракции открыты в кампании

    Сообщение автор Livius в 2013-09-12, 17:48

    В кампании открыты 104 фракции для игры, в битвах по выбору - все 105.
    Ссылка на тему на ТВЦентре - [Вы должны быть зарегистрированы и подключены, чтобы видеть эту ссылку]
    Пост на ТВЦентре -

    izanagi11 пишет:Hi there, I really made this mod for myself, so I can kick some Roma butt!   Though I share it with ya guys.  

    Playable Factions
    ALL but Rhodos

    Custom Battle Playable Factions

    Just bug fixes this time around for playable_factions.pack

    1. Persia flag in factions_table was set to False - True now
    2. Turn off slave ( I can add it back in if someone wants it)
    3. Etruscan has a roster now, I goofed in my little csv creation script

    Old Updates
    1.I've added Baktria to the mod, since someone ask me and besides i really  like Baktria's troops selection.  I'll probably add more later, but I  want to play first :laughter:
    2.I've added Boii this time around and updated install notes.   Please,  please remember to delete the old etruria.pack.   Boii is under the  Gallic and Baktria is under the Successor Kingdoms.
    I've tried to add Persia, but for the life of me I cant get it to show  up on the selection screen.  I've triple check everything, but no  workie, I'll hack away at this later.  Last update from me today,  hopefully a fully working PFM tomorrow will make my life easier.
    3.Its me again, I lied.   I added Odryssia to make sure I didn't hit some  limit in the selection screen.  That Persia failure stings...  I've  swapped out the jpg to show what the selection screen looks like.   THIS  really is the last update for today!  I'm looking to add one from spain  and another eastern faction tomorrow, if no issues I'll add one more  barbarian one.
    4.I've added 10 factions to the mod.  I've added Persia this time around, I  must have forgot to turn one of the political parties on, dumbass me!    I'm now using PFM Beta6 with my updated 2 tables which I sent the info  to Daniu.  I think I hit all areas in need of a new faction.   I  personally like to give a medal to den5104 for being a good trooper and  trying it out.   I've added Scythia for him.   Hopefully I will hit all  the requests eventually, but this should be good enough to keep the  masses abay. :thumbsup2
    5.It is late and I have added 9 factions.   I've added Rhodos, but it isnt  showing up.   I will figure this out eventually.   I probably will not  have another update in the next few days, football and work will rule my  life, I'll be around to answer questions.
    6.This morning I found den5104 added the remaining factions to the game.   We still have the same issue with Rhodos not showing up on the selection  screen.  I've updated the main post with a zip with all factions.   I  guess now is just figure out if we missed anything.   If you do find a  missing one please post the name of the faction you cant find from the  selection screen.   Big thanx to den5104 for the great help he has been!
    7.I finally got off my lazy ass and did what I said I would do.  I've  added all the factions to custom battle.   Also Seleucid was missing  from the main map, I didnt want to add since Mitch had one out there,  but time has spend now.   I've split the downloads to startpos_1turn.zip  and playable_factionsv6.zip.  I will also add 2 and 4 turns  startpos.esf in the next few days.  A few people have done great things  which I will eventually merge all into one pack for you all.

    1) Download playable_factionsv6.zip attached to this post.  If you really want Seleucid to be on your selection list then download startpos_1turn.zip
    2) Backup the original startpos.esf file in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Rome II\data\campaigns\main_rome"
    3) If you downloaded my previous versions DELETE the old etruria.pack from "data" directory of rome   example "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Rome II\data"
    4) extract the zip file
    5) If you have download any of my previous versions, make sure to overwrite in the following step!
    6) copy playable_factions.pack to the "data" directory of rome   example "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Rome II\data"
       open "campaigns\main_rome"
       copy startpos.esf to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Rome  II\data\campaigns\main_rome"

     IF you know what you doing - you can Extract .zip to "data" directory of Rome 2 example  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Rome II\data"

    As you can see TONS of unfinished work here, but hey it works.  


    104 фракции открыты в кампании 28andzd

    Custom Battle screen with all the factions, at least I got them all.


    104 фракции открыты в кампании 1xxsty

    The first general doesnt seem to have sound, but others I raised were fine.
    The council thing, all new generals seem to come under the others, so you have to marriage them over to your side.

    Well now you dont need to mod anymore, I guess time to add 2 or 4 turn stuff.
    IF you want to mod a faction that I didnt add.  You need to use PFM Beta6.   Update the schema_R2TW.xml with these two tables.


    <table name='faction_political_parties_junctions_tables'>
        <field name='Faction Key Name' type='string_ascii' />
         <field name='Political Party' type='string_ascii' />

    <table name='political_parties_tables'>
    <field name='Political Party' type='string_ascii' />
    <field name='Playable' type='boolean' />
    <field name='ui_icon' type='string_ascii' />
    <field name='Effect_Bundle' type='string_ascii' />
    <field name='Initial Strength' type='int' />

    Скачать startpos_1turn.zip [Вы должны быть зарегистрированы и подключены, чтобы видеть эту ссылку] 3.47 МБ
    Скачать playable_factionsv7.zip [Вы должны быть зарегистрированы и подключены, чтобы видеть эту ссылку] 33.7 КБ

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    104 фракции открыты в кампании Empty Re: 104 фракции открыты в кампании

    Сообщение автор Ksenophontus в 2013-09-19, 04:26

    А какая фракция не открыта в кампании? И как тут играть за клиентские царства, например, за Персию, если в нет центра региона, а только маленькое поселение?

      Текущее время 2019-05-24, 20:53